Why Encapsulate?

Remediators and contractors rip out walls and rebuild them with no guarantee that mold will not return. This process is expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Mountain Valley Mold eliminates mold by coating affect surfaces with EnviroShield™ and guarantees it will stay away by encapsulating rather than remediating. This lowers costs and provides a long-term solution for you, since each coat of EnviroShield™ comes with a ten year warranty. For more information about the warranty, visit the product page.

Friendly Mold Removal Service

Finishing the Job

Having dealt with hundreds of mold growth cases, Mountain Valley Mold’s approved EnviroShield™ applicators are experts in diagnosing and treating mold problems. For beautiful color and flawless finish, they mix each can of EnviroShield™ by hand, combining resin, catalyst, and just the right amount of water to coat the desired surface, easily eliminating mold and preventing its return.