It's a Guarantee

Most product warranties are only valid under perfect conditions, but life isn’t perfect. That’s why the EnviroShield™ warranty protects you in realistic conditions. Unlike other warranties that are rendered invalid due to the presence of water, we guarantee that any surface with a properly applied, intact coat of EnviroShield™ will not experience mold growth.

  • Treated surface can be damp, but EnviroShield™ cannot be applied to surfaces with standing water.
  • Surface is prepped by an approved applicator.
  • Ambient temperature is above 50 degrees until the EnviroShield™ is cured.
  • Product was mixed and applied per instructions and not diluted or modified.
  • Product was stored according to written instructions between times of purchase and application.
  • EnviroShield™ is notified of such mold or mildew growth in writing by the Applicator within 30 days of discovery.
  • Warranty is valid for 10 years.
What is EnviroShield™?

EnviroShield™ is a powerful antimicrobial that can be applied not only to dry surfaces, but to damp ones as well. Rather than suffering a decrease in functionality, EnviroShield™ thrives, breathing and working to control moisture and water vapor transmission. While other products peel off, EnviroShield™ adheres to the application surface as its antimicrobial additives protect your home from mold growth.

For more details about the product, visit the EnviroShield™ website.

A Superior Product

Exceptional performance would be nothing if EnviroShield™ weren't safe and cost effective. Fortunately it is both. EnviroShield™ is a low odor product that contains no dangerous chemicals and has minimal volatile organic compound emissions (VOC) meaning that it is safe for both you and your family. It also has a low cost per unit and an affordable application fee since surfaces are coated, not destroyed and rebuilt. You can rest assured that the look of your home will not be altered. In fact, EnviroShield™ can be mixed to a variety of colors and finishes to suit your needs.